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Transferring title of out-of-state vehicle

It looks like my wife and I are going to be inheriting a vehicle from a relative who lives in Florida (we live several states away). Does anyone know how these transfers work?

Will we have to transfer it in Florida (even though we don’t live there), get Florida plates, and then re-register/title the vehicle in our state?

Contact the motor vehicle department in your state. They will explain the process to you.

  1. Have relative sign the title. Some states require a notarized title and bill of sale, some to not. Ask the FL and your home state DMV what is required.
  2. Your home state will most likely require a VIN inspection. Again, ask your DMV.
  3. Take the signed FL title and bill of sale to your local DMV to be titled and registered to you.
  4. Talk to your insurance company to have it covered and proof of insurance at the time of registration.

Drive it.


The Executor of the estate signs the title and gives you a copy of the will showing the bequeath to you… There is also one other “Power Of Attorney” type document the Executor should have authorizing him / her to make these transactions…Armed with these documents, you should be able to get a “Temporary Permit” from YOUR state to put on the car to drive it home.