I am on my second Merecedes C230 Kompressor which I love. The new one has 17" low-profile tires which I hate. Can I buy new rims and regular tires as long as they are the same circumference as the original. Mercedes dealer says no. Why and what alternatives?

The problem might be a smaller diameter wheel might come in contact with the brake calipers.


Tester beat me to the punch…smaller rims may not accomodate the calipers.

Beyond that, even if they did accept the calipers you might not be pleased with the change in handling characteristics. It might end up handling more like a Taurus and less like a C230.

Check with, etc. and see if there are any alternative sizes that will fit (without any interference).

Do as Craig suggested, or contact the dealer. It may even be listed in your owner’s manual.

I really hate those low profiles and winter pot holes are not the only reason I dislike them. I would want to change them out if possible.

Thanks. I thought about the handling but my 1999 C230 handled just as well with stard 15" tires. I’ll check the clearance issue.

Your first C230’s spring and shock rates were designed for 15" tires.
Your new C230’s spring and shock rates were designed for 17" tires.

Nomatter, I’ll bet the calipers won’t accomodate a smaller wheel anyway.

People have misconceptions about tires. Actually, inching-up from 15s to 17s is a big change but in this case, it wouldn’t have to be the only cause of the discomfort you hate. As moutainbike mentioned, the whole package (suspension / monocoque / tires ) is tuned at different rates so you cannot get the same comfort by just replacing the 17s with smaller ones.
I’d suggest you get used to it, that might be the best solution for you. Or, you may try another OEM tires which might have better ride comfort. Good luck.