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Tires on a Mercedez 2007 C230 Sport

HI-I had to replace my 2001 MBZ 2001 C240 in January because a Corolla hit my car and mine was declared a total loss. I bought a 2007 C230 Sport thinking it was basically the same car. However after driving it for a few months-it actually hurts my back to drive it. I even got a seat support, but I still feel the road way to much for my comfort level. It has tires that are smaller in front and larger in the rear. Is there a way to make the ride more comfortable and “normal”? And Is it possible to change those tires to “regular” tires? Or–do I need to get a completely different car? Thanks so much!!

The driver’s side doorpost should give you the proper tire sizes…check tire pressure on the same chart…perhaps the tires are overinflated giving you a harsh ride?

Do you have the original rims, and are they 17" or 18" diameter? OEM tire sizes are 225/40-18 on all wheels or 225/45-17 on front and 245/40-17 on back. It looks like you have the 17" rims. But the nominal difference in total diameter is about 1/4" front to back, and that doesn’t seem like much. I’d say it is the suspension and not the tires. The least expensive alternative is to sell it and buy a C280 sedan.

hmm. Unfortunately I think the suspension is definitely the problem (aside from those seats being really hard). And I’m going to try to see if a pre-owned C280 can be bought at the same price range( my 230 is still under warranty)-----or what do you think about a 2010 Jetta or any suggestions for something else that has the reliability of the MBZ?

I think you need to sell the car and buy something that doesn’t say “Sport”. The fact that the front tires are a different size than the rears says the car was designed to maximize cornering - and that is done at the expense of ride.

You may also want to reconsider if Mercedes is the right car for you. In 2001 some Merc’s had 55 series tires, but now the tires are all 45 series (or lower), which ride much rougher.

So true :frowning: I’ve owned BMW’s and MBZ and Jaguars-my budget right now is not for the upper levels of any of these, so I am at a loss of where to begin to look except for VW and I hear they don’t have a great reliability record. In general, I just love the look of German cars. Any suggestions for a good look with a bit of comfortable ride? Thank you very much.

The reliability for a Jetta would have to be a lot worse than the Benz for it to cost the same in repairs. Mercedes Benz is not known for reliability. The drive train is fine, but all the extras break and they cost a lot to fix. There won’t be as many extras on the Jetta, so they can’t break. And the cost of equivalent repairs for the Benz will be a lot more than for a VW. You might consider a Passat instead of a Jetta. It’s a more luxurious car. Another option is a Buick LaCrosse. The LaCrosse is meant to soften the bumps and provide comfortable, quiet cruising. Both the LaCrosse and Passat will be less than $30,000 new. Test drive them if they are in your price range.

BMW 328 is a really nice car and comfortable if you like German cars. They make a non sport version.

Lexus makes some nice cars too that are more comfort than sport.