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Switching from low profile tires to standard tires

Hello, first time user here. I have a 2011 Nissan and I’m not happy with the comfort / ride as a result of the low profile tires. I can’t seem to get a knowledgeable answer from my Nissan dealer if I can swap out the low profile tires to standard tires. Can anyone answer this with absolute certainty I could use the same rims and mount standard 18" tires without causing other problems. I understand the handling performance will be affected as long as it does not create a steering / handling hazard. Thank you.

You can’t just put a higher profile tire on, you will not have enough room for turning the wheels and may not have room for suspension travel ( car up and down movement ) Not sure what you mean by standard 18 inch tires. You need to talk to a good wheel shop and see if a smaller diameter wheel will fit your vehicle and what tires will give you the same diameter you have now. Frankly, it will be expensive and may not make that much difference.

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All you need to do is install a tire/wheel combination that doesn’t exceed the original tire outer diameter and width.

This is just a matter of installing a smaller wheel diameter and a tire with a slightly taller side wall height.


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You don’t say what kind and year Nissan you have but usually the change to a higher aspect tire without clearance problems you would have to go to smaller diameter rims. Look on your doorpost to see what the standard wheel and tire size is. The tire Rack may be able to answer your question.

If you put taller tire on your rims they may rub the body and will certainly throw your speedometer off.

If you put smaller rims on, you have to make sure they clear your brake calipers. Bought a sport model and discovered you didn’t like the things that made it sporty? Back in 1955 when Chrysler came out with the 300, they got a lot of complaints from owner who should have bought a New Yorker or Imperial but thought they wanted the performance of the 300. They didn’t, the extra performance only happened above 80 and at anything under 70, it rode like a rock.

Questions: Is this a recent purchase? Are the tires the original size which is 245-45-18 I think or is it the 19 inch.? What brand do you have now and how old are they with how many miles.

There was a recent post by someone who bought new tires of the same size as their car came with and were amazed at the better ride.

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Try looking at Tire Rack’s winter/snow tire and wheel packages. They will tell you want wheel size and tire size combination fits your vehicle. What you are looking for is a smaller diameter wheel, higher profile tires.



I took a look at 2011 Maxima listings, Tire Rack shows a 17" combo available, so it looks like the OP could go with 17" wheels, with 215/55x17 tires. That should give some relief.

p.s. - @dwbradley - there is no such thing as a ‘standard tire’ anymore. Pretty much ALL tires are what you’d call ‘low profile’ these days. But many cars ride fine with them. Mine are 50 and 55 profile, slightly firm ride, no complaints. Make sure your tire aren’t over inflated (use the sticker on the door jamb, not the number on the tire), and that they aren’t worn out (worn tires ride rougher).

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The problem with doing that is it may effect the ride (for the worse). Tires and wheels are an integral part of the suspension system. Changing it may be good or bad.