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Will 265/65 R17 Firestone Destinations fit properly on a 2005 Ford Explorer Ltd 4WD? The tire size standard to the Ford is 245/65 R17. My husband put the Firestones on his 2005 Tundra and decided he didn’t like them and now wants to put them on my truck which is in need of new tires. I am afraid the size difference will cause problems with rubbing in the wheelwell on turns and bumps and issues with my alignment. What say you experts out there?

Could rub but it is impossible to know from here. The 265/65R17 is 1.1 inch larger in diameter than the 245/65R17. Your speedo will read 57.8 mph where it read 60 mph before. Google “Miata tire size calculator” to see where I got input to make this post.

Even if the tire has static clearance with the front wheels turned full left and right, suspension deflection due to a bump can make interference between the tire and fender and bump clearance applies to the rear tires as well.

I would not expect an alignment problem due to the slightly larger tires.

The might fit. What is important is will the wider tire be OK on the wheels you have on the Explorer? You don’t want to have a too wide tire on wheel that can’t handle the greater width. If they fit the wheels ok, you won’t know about clearnance problems until they are mounted on the wheels and then bolted to the Explorer. Alignment shouldn’t be an issue, but if the Explorer hasn’t had an alignment in a long time it might not be a bad idea to get it aligned.

What’s not good enough for him is just fine for you? Why didn’t he like the tires?

Why doesnt he like em…my guess is boys n there toys. I think you be fine put em on n giver

“. . . He didn’t like them and now wants to put them on my truck.”

That’s all you need to know.

Your husband is a jerk, but you already know that.

The tires won’t hurt your alignment, but they might cause other problems.

I suggest you buy the tires in the future.