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Does tire size matter?

My husband has found a great deal on tires that are larger than the standard size for our Ford Explorer. Is there any harm in getting them, other than the fact that I am only 5’ tall and will need a step-ladder to enter the vehicle?

They could rub when turning or going over bumps, potentially resulting in a blowout. Not recommended.

If you want any useful help, you’ll have to tell us the standard size and the size you’re considering. We’re not mind-readers here.

It would also be a good idea to tell us what size tyres are on there now as well as what size the owner’s manual specifies. While you are at it, you may want to tell us what year Explorer you have.

One good source of information would be

Different tire sizes and types will have different effects on the vehicle’s handling and driving characteristics. Without knowing the size you’re talking about, it’s tough to speculate.

The only thing that can be stated with confidence is that a larger tire will cause your speedo to read less than it currently does. If you’re now reading 55mph when actually going 55mph, a larger tire will cause you to read lower when you’re actually going 55mph. How much depends on the tire size.

Yes Absolutely it matters for a number of different reasons

Thanks - sounds like something to avoid. I’ll try to convince him!

Yep, size matters !

tire size now ?
tire size being considered ?
year of vehicle ?

And, there is no STANDARD size tire for your truck either. There were several options when new.


sounds like the husband wants to put some giant mudder tires on the Explorer without lifting the body/frame

The tires (and wheels??) are cheap because someone else has learned the hard way.

I don’t have the info that I need to properly ask this question, so I thank you for your responses with such limited info. I’m going to try to convince him that we shouldn’t do it. I apologize for anyone I offended in my response to the mind-reading post.

Just let us know what your husband has in mind. A few sizes variation and even a wheel diameter change is not always the kiss of death on something like this.

The perception could have been that your husband is considering a drastic change (as in lift kit and mudder tires) and that could be a problem.
If this is nothing more than say going from something like a 225/65 series tire to a 225/70 series or something like that then there should be no problem.

Try to keep the original size. Larger tires will not allow the vehicle to turn as sharply. The car has to be parked now and then. It’s probably not a lot of fun with the right size tires.