My Toyota has 205 /R60 tires can I substitute 225 / R65 tires? Any issues?


If you’re using the same size rims, those 225/65s are quite a bit taller and wider than stock. I wouln’t.


You might want to check and see what TireRack recommends.


This isn’t the full tire size code. The proper code is 205/60RXX, where XX is the rim diameter. Please give us the proper code on both tires for a full analysis.

But, the 225/65 tires will be wider and taller. Your speedometer will read slower than your actually going, meaning if the speedo says 65, your actually going faster. How much, I cannot say because I don’t know the rim diameter yet. The wider, taller tire may also have clearance issues in the tire well. The bigger tires may rub against frame or inner fender panels, causing premature wear on side panels of the tire. This will also cause uncomfortable scraping sounds when turning the car in parking lots.


You are increasing both the width and the sidewall height. The section width is 205-mm in the old tires and 225 in the ones you want. The sidewall height is 60% of 205-mm in the old tires (123-mm) and 65% of 225-mm (146.25-mm) in the new tires. You probably have 17-inch rims (431.8-mm). The diameter of the tire is the rim diameter plus twice the sidewall height. The old tires would be 677.8-mm and the new tires would be 724.3-mm - or 26.7-in and 28.5-in. That’s an extra 2-inches diameter on each tire! Plan on flaring the fenders.