We live in a warm climate.We drive our 4Runner about 3000 miles a year. We need to replace the tires. Would it be safe to drive on cheaper tires like a tire with a 20000 mile expectancy instead of premium tires with a 40000 mile warrantee?

As long as the load rating and speed rating are appropriate and the size and tire type are appropriate to your car and driving environment, sure it’ll be safe.

Do not equate tire life ratings with the quality or performance of the tires. All tires must meet Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) requirements. Many truely premium tires do not even warrant lifespan, because they use a softer rubber.

I’ve posted a link to a good primer so you can better understand.

I’ve also posted links to other good sites to help in choosing tires

There’s more to it than just life expectancy and cost. You need to consider noise level and speed rating. Is your 3000 miles all lower speeds, or do you drive on the highway at posted or higher speeds? You can also buy a less well known brand like Yokohama or Hankook. They make fine tires and don’t cost as much as Michelin. Click on this link:

and see what tires fit your truck. Check the prices. You may or may not choose to buy the tires on line, but the information is useful anyway. Any of the first 13 would probably be fine for you, and since you aren’t worried about snow traction, you could go much farther down the list.

Agree; if I drove this little I would not buy Michelins. You would never wear them out, but the sun would destroy them before the treads wore off.

In such a case, I would buy the least expensive tires Costco carries; they will last long enough for you and cost a little over half the premium tires. Costco will balance them and provide a lifetime rotation at no cost.

A 4Runner is not a luxury car and 3000 mile a year in even a noisy vehicle is not hard to take. Don’t worry about speed ratings with a 4Runner.

Don’t worry about mileage ratings. I would simply buy a store brand or less expensive brand tire like Kumho (excellent), Nitto, Fuzion, Falken, Sumitomo etc.