Tires or drive train noise?

how can i tell the difference between tire and drive train noise.

That’s not always easy, but you can start by finding a freshly paved asphalt road. Drive from old pavement onto the freshly paved, and if the noise disappears, you have tire noise.

If the noise persists on any pavement, drive about 50 mph, and then put the transmission in neutral. If most of the noise disappears, you have transmission problems; if the noise persists, it’s your differential or transfer case (on a 4WD&AWD, or you could have wheel bearing problems.

This process will help you isolate where in general the noise is coming from. You may still need profesional help; some years ago my rear drive Caprice had front wheel bearing problems, which my mechanic quickly identified.

Another trick is to swap tires front to rear.

If the noise moves, it’s the tires. If it doesn’t, it’s probably not tires.

many thanks,great answers.i know its not tranny,bearings,or transfer case,so i guess i will try the tire switch.