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Tires for winter driving

I have a new to me 1999 BMW 328i. I live in Flagstaff AZ, 7000’ w/ at times lots of snow. My problem is I might have to drive to Kingman AZ, 1200’ still pretty hot in the winter, twice a week. That’s about 150 miles each way, all interstate. Any advie on what kind of tires? Yoko Avid v4s came up as a potential.

There are many high end snow tires made these days, Michelin makes some nice ones. is a nice easy site to navigate and do some research.

If you get “lots of snow” you should consider four winter tires for your BMW. Winter tires make all the difference when there’s snow on the ground.

The Avid V4S is designed for “enhanced traction in light snow,” but it is primarily a three-season tire. Not a good choice in my opinion.

Read all about winter tires vs “all-season” tires at

The AVID V4s are awful at winter traction with personal experience on an AWD Passat.

I have no idea what type/size tires are on the vehicle. However if performance oriented/lower profile in an all-season I would highly recommend the Continental ExtremeContact or newer Continental ExtremeContact DWS. They are high performance tires with winter traction.