2001 BMW 525i - Needs new tires

A few different brands have been suggested:

(225/55 HR16)

Continental Touring Contact CH95


Michellen Pilot HXMXM4

I live in northeast Ohio.

Any opinions or suggestions?

Check out reviews at tirerack.com specific to your tire size. Good info even if you don’t buy from them. Also review Consumer Reports Nov 09 for testing of tires in conditions like snow, wet traction, etc, for a good idea of what may work for your BMW.

You need to list some criteria in what you want.

I would not recommend the Continental’s as they are ho-hum tires. The Michelin are good tires but of course more $$$$.

If budget is a concern and you want some really good tires I would recommend the brand Kumho as they really are good tires. My only advice is once you pick a model or two shop around for installed price a bit. It varies greatly.

After much research (Tire Rack, Consumer Reports, etc) I recently purchased a set of Bridgestone Turanza Serenity tires for my Acura, and I’m very happy with the them.

I don’t plan to use them in snow, however, so if you’re looking for something you can use all winter they might not be a good choice.

In my opinion winter conditions call for dedicated winter tires.

For BMW owners, “Winter Conditions” in NE Ohio means you park the car…