Our 2014 Town and Country came with a TIREFIT Kit instead of a spare tire. I forgot to replace the TIREFIT sealant bottle a year ago as suggested. At our local dealership today the three parts department employees acted like they had never seen this kit and after nearly a half hour of search in their computer said that the full kit including the air compressor had to be purchased for $111. They could not find where only the Sealant Bottle and Hose can be purchased. Yet I find in the Owner’s Manual this evening that the Sealant Bottle and Sealant Hose can be replaced.
Can anyone help me with this?

Why not just get a can of Fix-A-Flat?



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It seems like the Tirefit system was a Daimler thing. Web searches for Tirefit bring lots of results for Mercedes.

I saw in one Chrysler parts catalog (for Crossfire) that the sealant was actually called Fix-a-Flat. In another catalog, it’s just referred to as tire sealant.

@DanTuch, if you have the original bottle, is there a part number on it that the parts guys can use for reference? I’ve found lots of different part numbers for the sealant. Part # 68400709AA is supposedly for the 2014 T&C (see here). You may want to double check that # at your dealer before purchasing.

The oem can is short and stubby. You can get replacement cans but very pricey imo for something with shelf life. Unless you’re stickler for originality, you can get generic stuff much cheaper and find a place to secure it. Otherwise- https://www.autohausaz.com/pn/MB-0005830712