Run Flats Tires

Rather than buy a new set at 900 installed, can I either buy 1 or can I buy 4 regular tires and keep a can of fill goo and a small compressor in my car in case one of the four goes flat (there is nowhere to store a spare) or, or, get a donut tire.

I forgot to say this is for a 2004 Sienna LTD AWD.

There was a recent discussion about flat fix, I will amend post if I can find it, but there are inflammable ones that may not be worked on at certain shops. If I were in your situation I would get 4 good tires skip the spare and get a roadside plan where they will tow you to a shop for repair or replacement as needed. Then learn to avoid highway debris, and monitor tire pressure for slow leaks caused from nails etc. I think once in the last 25 years I needed a spare, but after I broke one stud I called AAA, they came broke another stud then towed it 40 miles to the nearest service station to fix.

The goo is a mistake. Try to let some air out to adjust pressure and it’ll spray through and gum up the valve. And a lot of shops won’t work on tires that have gunk in them.

A doughnut tire is a better option, although not as safe as a full service spare.

Or you could get AAA.

I believe you’ll find your tires are Michelin PAX tires - and if this is true, then you’ll also find that ONLY Michelin Pax tires will fit and they are by definition Run Flat tires.

If you want to avoid the expense of replacing the Pax tires (they are pretty pricy!), you will have to completely change over the entire vehicle to conventional tires AND rims - and that’s an expensive proposition!

Don’t do the goo.

Maybe you can tell us more about this buy four or ...  

What really is your current tyre situation?

If you have the Michelin PAX run-flat tires, your spare will have to be identical. Shop the salvage yards. As far as storage, if you want the spare, you’ll make room.
Or, you can buy five non-run flat wheels and five non-run flat tires. Why not?

I went out to Tire Rack and bought 4 P225/60R-17 Michelin HydroEdge. I’ll try to get a donut or use my AAA card if one goes flat. I figure they will give me better mileage, being lighter tires. Will I need new rims as Capri Racer says above?

I googled tires for your car and it looks like Toyota Sienna’s don’t have Michelin Pax tires. But to be sure you need to look at the tire size.

A Michelin Pax will have a tire size that looks like: 225/700 - 480

Notice the last set of number are millimeters and not the normal inches.

A donut tire for the 2004 Sienna is almost $400 at the dealer so I nixed that. If I get a flat on my new non run flat Michelin tires I’ll take out my AAA card. Thanks everyone for your help.