Tired of getting ripped off. Need some know how

Hey, guys… Allot good replys on here. That’s what.made me sign up. And, I can see there are some people on here.that really know there stuff. Well, my dilemma is that I took my car to a mechanic. Backyard boogie mechanic, as we all do, looking to save a buck, but this wasn’t any old backyarder. This guy fixes, and preps, all the vehicles for the dealership I went to and several other dealerships in the area. I took.my car there because my right hub bearing was shot. I… Being me said, f it! Let’s do both sides since we’re doing one. --I had plans of putting nothing but high performance pieces on this vehicle, she was gonna be my gem–. Long story short, he screwed up on the work, apparently by a mechanic (mechanics)… I don’t know, my rack and pinion is gone(broke), and my new hub (right side)… Yet, I hear no humming coming from it. One of those mechanics showed me a cut in the wire and a faulty harness. I’m, almost, betting it’s just the harness. I’m starting to learn that on my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP it is common to have wheel hub harness issues… Yeah… So, that’s my next move on that. But, my whole reason for the post is that this guy is now no where to be found, but I still need this fixed and somebodies gotta pay for it. I have his name, and an electronic transfer of money to his account. Is there anyway I can get this guy locked up, or at least not servicing vehicles. The first time around, he sent me out with crink in my brake line because he put my hub on upside down.
Also, you guys are great for reading this far out, too… Honestly. :grinning: Lastly, I’m gonna do all these repairs myself. How can I know what rack and pinion is compatible with my vehicle. Seeing that there is all kinds of specifications on them. Control arms are shot, too. Any help on which ones to pick up, etc… Compatible wise.

Your dealership shop and many parts shops have the ability to input the VIN into their database , which should provide the exact part you need. If you would rather find the part used, most parts recyclers will have a database they use which has a parts compatibility matrix to match up the part you need with what they have on hand, or can get shipped to them.

Just because someone preps cars does not make him a mechanic, it makes him a glorified car washer. I would be surprised if he had any assets to go after.

It was a little hard to understand parts of your post and you did not mention the year of your car or even ABS but the best understanding I come to is that the hubs replaced were for an ABS equipped car because I can’t think pf any other reason to have wires going to a hub.

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Good advice above. I recommend a Haynes manual for your car. I’ve used them for years for several vehicles. They provide just about the right amount of vehicle-specific information and general advice to help a DIYer understand more and do more.

You might want to acquaint yourself with Rock Auto online. The site makes it pretty easy to look up parts and choices are excellent, shipping is fast, and prices hard to beat.

You might want to take a look at their repair manuals, too.

As far as who’s going to be paying… Good luck with that!

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This month Rock offers a 10% instant rebate on Haynes manuals. You search the site for your specific make, model, year, etc. and click on Literature.

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