2001 santa fe

Have others had problems with fierce road noise that got worse with new tires?

Some tires make A LOT more noise than others, it is a matter of tread design. The more open treads tend toward more noise. Mfg’s consider road noise as they select OEM tires for a vehicle. When you replace OEM tires with something different sometimes you get less noise, and sometimes you get more.

Sounds like you are not going to be happy with your new tires. My snow tires make a bunch more noise than my summer tires on an '03 Civic. The civic doesn’t insulate the tire noise very well, so I notice tire noise. Some cars insulate tire noise better than others. The Sante Fe is probably transferring the extra noise from the new tires into the cabin.

The only solution, different tires, live with it, change cars.

My last set of tires, Coopers, were REALLY noisy. The ones I have now, Hankooks, are FAR quieter.

The noise is getting louder so I am concerned there may be another issue beyond the noisy tires, like bearings or something. Is this common?