Tire Treads


Hello! I’ve got these new Fuzion Tires for my car recently. I noticed that the tires treads on one side of the car is different from the other side. On the passenger side, the arrows on the tire goes up. On the driver side, the arrows goes down. Does this have any affect on the safety of the car at all?


It might. What kind of tires (model number, size, etc)?
Maybe some mismatched directional tires?
I assume this “arrow” you’re referring to is the tread design and not an arrow on the sidewall of the tire?


If they are directional tires yes. The rotational direction is for channeling water away from the tire when it counts in the rain. Also they may be noiser than designed running in this fashion.

The arrows should point in the direction of rotation when moving forward.  You have "directional" tyres that work a little different when going forward than backwards. 

Generally these are premium tyres that use this trick and it does help. 

Just makes sure those arrows are pointed in the right directions.

Note, I was assuming that the arrows were on the sidewall.  If what you are referring to are ^ shaped tread patterns, that is not the same thing.  However I would believe that all four tyres should have the tread facing the same direction.


The arrows should go in the direction of forward rotation. If they don’t the tires are mounted incorrectly.

Up or down is not what you want to know. The arrows should point in the direction the tires rotate when the car moves forward.


As has been prviously stated:

If there is an arrow on the sidewall, the tire is directional and the proper direction of rotation is indicated by the arrow. If this is the case, having the tires rotating the wrong way doesn’t do anything except you won’t be getting the benefit of the water evacuation in wet conditions. BTW, this is a small improvement over non-directional tires.

If the “arrow” is in the tread design - BE CAREFUL - Some tread designs have patterns that if you only look at what you can see sticking out of the fender you would think there is an “arrow”, but the other half of the tread pattern - the part that is tucked under the fender - has the same pattern, but in reverse. This is a non-directional pattern. In other words, it doesn’t matter how you mount the tire, the tread pattern will be the same.

The key is the arrow on the sidewall.


Thanks for your responses. I was referring to the tread designs (^) on the tires.


They should be facing forward (tire rotation direction). If not, then they are mounted incorrectly.


These tires do not have a directional arrow, THEY ARE NOT DIRECTIONAl. However, they do have an outside and inside stamped on the sidewall. the tread does appear weird when looking at two tires on same side etc but they are not directional. Just assure that they are mounted with the inside in etc. i have a couple of sets of these. Consult the place you purchased them if you do not trust this answer! All directional tires will have an arrow on the sidewall pointing in the direction of rotation


Rotate the tires as necessary to get them all the same direction. Perhaps someone rotated them in a cris-cross pattern instead of back to front, front to back when they were rotated.
If just recently installed, the installer should’nt mind fixing it right.


I think he owes you 2 new tires. Some of the directional tires do not like being run backwards like that, and end up getting damaged.


When radial tires first became available, they were sensitive to rotational direction; could be damaged by reversing rotational direction. Tire technology progress has eliminated that sensitivity. If you have tires now that could be damaged by incorrect rotational direction, then I would return them if I could and get something more modern. You must have maximum starting and stopping traction with any tire so it would be good to know which is better with your directional tire if you are forced to keep them. I’d go for best stopping traction.