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Tire swap

I was about to buy new tires for my 2000 Hyundai Elantra when my sister made me an offer. She had put new tires on her 1995 Toyota Corolla just before the car died. She said that I can have her tires instead of me buying tires.

My sister’s tires are sized P185/65 R14. The tires currently on my car are sized P185/60 R14. These were put on by a tire store, despite what I now realize is Hyundai’s spec of P195/60 R14.

So here’s my questions:

Is there any difference or issues with swapping my tires for my sister’s? Is there any issues with the wheels (those will probably be swapped too)? Is there a big difference between the P185 and P195 sizing? Any safety concerns?

Thanks for looking and for your responses.

There shouldn’t be a problem at all as the difference among every size you mentioned is very small.

That number respresents the width of the tire at its widest point, measured in millimeters. A 195 is 10mm wider, not a huge amount.

The second number respresents the “aspect ratio”, which is a snazzy way of saying the sidewall height as a percentage of the aspect ratio. The 185/65 will actually be closer to the OEM tire’s diameter than the 185/65, but 10mm narrower.

So, in summary, you currently have a smaller tire than the OEM in both width and diameter, and your sister’s tires would still be narrower but closer to the OEM diameter. Both your current tires and your sister’s tires compromise your car’s handling. In fact, you want to check the load ratings on them…they may have compromised your safety.

This tire store did you no favors. Don’t go back there, except perhaps to demand the correct size tires.

Note: you can look up all the information on

I’d suggest you visit one of them.

Not a lot of difference. However before you dive into this realize there are dismount and then remount costs involved in this. Make sure the potenital tires are worth at least twice that cost installed before jumping into this.