Honda Civic Wheel Shake?

95 Honda Civic. Manual Trans and Steering. CV joints have 40K since rebuild, 50K on tires. Tire Press and Tq is good. Steering does not pull either way, suspension feels tight. Happens with/without brakes.

I noticed that the steering wheel has developed an occasional left right shake that is proportional to the speed of the car. Seems to be most pronouced about 45 mph, however it continues until the car comes to a stop sometimes, well below the speed an unbalanced tire might be an issue.

I noticed the problem when it started getting cold and can not figure out if it a road issue (in IL = bad roads), or a car issue.

Any Ideas?

My first guess would be at a bad tire.

I’d find your best local alignment/tire shop and have them give everything the once over. If you want to experiment a little on your own try moving the front tires to the rear and see if anything about the shake changes.

But even so, when’s the last time a pro inspected the front end? (ball joints, tie rods, etc.)

I will cast my vote for a bad tire as well. If you notice a left-right shake in the steering wheel even at low speeds, you most likely have a bad tire. A structural problem inside the tire can cause it to have a bulge, which is what causes that steering wheel shake. At 50k miles, your tires may be coming due for replacement soon anyway. A good tire or front end shop will be able to find your problem.