Tire Scrubbing Noise on Honda CRV

I replaced my worn OEM Bridgestone tires at 30K with Yokohama AVID TRZ and had a wheel alignment at the same time. The CRV has a tight turning circle. When I turn the wheels fully to the right or left I hear a scrubbing noise, but only when moving forward, not backward. Could the Yoko tires be unsuited for my CRV?

Is your CRV AWD. It may be the rear differential causing the tires to scrub. I believe many CRV’s have this issue and the common fix is replace rear differential fluid.

Yes, that is a known issue with the CR-V, so it is entirely possible that a binding differential could be the cause of the tire scrubbing. OP–Be sure that you use genuine Honda specification differential oil; expect a bill for this job in the neighborhood of $100.00, IIRC.