Tire repair



I have a 96 ford contour with a flat tire, I took the lug nuts off and I can’t get the tire off the car. i have no idea why it won’t come off. Can anybody help me?


Put the lug nuts back on half way. Now try rocking the vehicle from side to side. If that don’t work, start the vehicle and put it in gear and move about six inches and slam on the brakes.



i have basically tried everything including what you said. I have wd40 it, hit it with hammer, heated it up with a torch, and pulled until i couldn’t pull anymore. Are there any other suggestions. I do appreciate the help, you guys have saved my life and money for me in the past.


When alloy wheels become frozen on hubs, you can only keep lubricating them, and with the vehicle up on a lift, you take running start and smack the inside of the wheel with this http://www.stanleytools.com/default.asp?CATEGORY=SOFT+FACE+HAMMERS&TYPE=PRODUCT&PARTNUMBER=57-554&SDesc=11-1%2F2+lb.+Compo-Cast%26%23174%3B+Soft-Face+Sledge+Hammer



Bigger hammer.


Technically, you should bang on the inside of the wheel, but with car jacked up in your garage it’s hard to get in position, and you could kill yourself if you get carried away and knock car off the jack stand or whatever. You can have someone hold a piece of 2 by 4 against the

outside of the wheel along the rim flange, and wail it with a sledge hammer. Keep moving the wheel around. Of course spray rust penetrant like PB blaster or CRC rustbuster overnight and try to get it in behind the wheel, be careful, though. Good luck, post back.