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Wheel will not come off!

I have a '91 Chevy Cheyenne pick up truck with V6 and 2WD auto trans. There’s some rust on the truck, some so significant in areas. I have a slow leak on the left rear wheel. I have removed all lugnuts and tried to take the wheel off and I couldn’t! There’s some rust on the brake drum but it is bad enough that the wheel is stuck onto the drum! Any ideas how to knock it loose? I have tried several lubricants and no luck! Please help.

Loosen all the lug nuts a few turns and drive slowly around the block. The wheel should be ready for removal…

A couple of good whacks on the tire 1st should send some shock waves and free the wheel from the hub. If not, try a couple of good whacks on the wheel itself. If it still won’t budge, put the lug nuts back on and take it a garage and let the pro’s knock it off. To much pressure on the wrong place could damage the brakes, axle, or wheel bearings so take it to a pro rather than risk more expensive repairs.

As Caddyman says, loosen the lug nuts. You probably don’t have to drive around the block. Up and down the driveway a few times will probably do. Many people, and I’m one of them, think that PB-Blaster is the best of the mass market part looseners. Let it soak for a while. Alternate application of heat from a propane torch and PB-Blaster will often break things that appear to be permanently joined apart.

Rusty, Sit On Your Butt!

With the wheel off the ground, proper jack(s) and jack stands in place, etcetera, I’ve had good luck by removing all the lug nuts except two opposing ones. Loosen them almost all the way.

Then Sit on your butt with your feet pointed at the bottom ot the tire. Draw your feet in and then give the tire a kick or two with both feet, simultaneously (You can even get it vibrating a little) and . . . Voila!

Those loose lug nuts should keep the wheel from falling on you.

I’ve had this technique work when beating on things doesn’t.


BTDTBTTS. Nothing seemed to work for me except getting under the vehicle and tapping it off from the backside. I used a length of 2x4 and a 5lb handheld sledge. Give 'er a whack, rotate, whack, repeat until it works its way off the hub. Then clean up the center and apply some antiseize compound to prevent it rusting together for the next time. They literally fall off. Next time I buy a brand new vehicle, I’m going to take the wheels off immediately and apply the antiseize to avoid the issue…

Another thing to try is, with the tire on the floor and the lugnuts loose, rock the truck from side-to-side.


Thanks, everyone for your advice! I will try each of these and post back to see if it was successful. Thanks!

You’re Welcome, Rusty. I’ll Be Making “Butt Prints” While I’m Waiting.

Yep, I have to attest to Tester and Caddy’s method. An all thumbs friend had a flat in the parking ramp and we couldn’t get that wheel off for anything. I remembered tester mentioning it so put the lugs on loose and drove the car back and forth a few feet and that did it. Friend was amazed at my talent hee hee.

Hey guess what? Rocking the truck and driving it up and down the driveway/slamming on brakes worked great! The wheel came off easily! Thanks, guys, for ur advice! Greatly appreciated!