Tire recommendations for 2005 Subaru Outback XT

I need new tires. Last year, I had a 2000 Subaru Outback and bought new BF Goodrich Advantage TA tires. They were great! 6 weeks later, I had an accident and totaled the car…I was told the new tires were helpful in preventing a worse accident. My “new” 2005 Outback needs new tires now. Costco isn’t able to order these same BF Goodrich that they had for the old car. They recommend Michelin Premier tires. Any recommendations for good tires? How does the Michelin compare to the BF Goodrich?

The Michelin’s are top tier tires. Not sure how the prior BF tires were helpful in the accident, they actually are rather dated technology but effective in winter conditions.

Thank you for your response. Any recommendations on the different Michelin options? Costco gives me 9 options: Bridgestone - Blizzak WS80; Bridgestone - Potenza RE97AS; Bridgestone - Ecopia EP422; Michelin - Pilot® Sport A/S 3; Michelin - Primacy™ MXM4®; Bridgestone - Turanza Serenity Plus; Michelin - Primacy™ MXV4; Michelin - Premier; Bridgestone - Blizzak LM-32

The guy on the phone at Costco said he would recommend the Michelin Premier…do you agree?

Also, if it’s helpful, my outback is an XT…turbo engine.

What feature of the BFG Advantage TA tires was credited for preventing a worse accident? Do you think any decent quality essentially brand new tire would have also helped or was it something particular to that tire? I would expect that in general such new tires would always help in an accident where braking or traction is involved. I’ve used Michelins on my 1999 Outback for a long time and have always been happy with their ride quality and performance (I’ve had Michelin HydroEdge and Harmony tires).

Probably was just that they were new tires. Just heard comments that we had great tires and that prevented a worse accident. Not sure it was specific to the BFG Advantage. Since my accident, I am a bit paranoid…I just want great tires at any cost.

Comments that we had great tires and prevented a worse accident. I now have another unproven and ridiculous statement for my collection.

Consumer Reports publishes tire tests. The tirerack.com site is an excellent info source and I have found them a good company to do business with.