Are Perelli tires "crap"? A guy at Costco just told me this

What type of tires are recommended here - 2000 Subaru Outback.

Visit and and peruse their ratings sections to find good tires in your price range. Pirellis are not “crap”. But, like all tires, great griip comes with lesser wear. Softer tire compounds used for he great grip wear faster.

Also, all tire manufacturers make tires of different ratings with different model names. High performance tires with “Z” speedratings (over 150mph sustained) use softer rubber and will wear quicker. Read about these issues in the tech sections of the recommended websites.

Go to Tire Rack’s web site and read the reviews of the available tires for your car to see which ones match your needs. We can’t help you since you gave us no idea what factors are important to you and what type of conditions you normally drive in.

We live in NYC and drive in the weekends mostly. Once a year, we drive to Chicago. That’s about it.

Wow. Incendiary thread title? Do u want to start an argument?

I’ve used Pirelli tires a number of times, they’re fine if they meet your needs. That salesman was ignorant or lied, or both.

Sorry if I offended - when i called costco i asked about perelli tires and he said they were “crap” I wanted to verify here before I buy new tires.

I didn’t find your post offensive or incindiary. Just inquisitive. I’m glad you asked the question.

IMHO, for your application pirellis would be a waste of money. Pirelli tends to focus on the performance car market, and they charge extra for it, and you don’t have the same needs they do. There are a number of brands that would work beautifully for you and give you reasonable wear. Visit the websites suggested and you’ll learn a lot.

Prove him wrong that pirelli makes bad tires. You shouldn’t need a website to verify that Pirelli is a large company that makes tires for thousands of customer everyday. It would be odd that all of these customers are too dumb to buy other tires next time and put this company out of biz.

comments from people like this are silly and s/n be taken seriously. someone once said the products at costco are “crap” i wonder why you have a membership there today and frequent the establishment.

your useage of weekend driving ect is so light and easy, that you can get away with any major tire manufacturer. just make sure your tires are round and you should be fine.

You have to bear in mind that Costco sells only Michelin, BG Goodrich, & Bridgestone tires. As a result, they are likely to try to convince you that other brands are not as good. However, if company management knew that one of their employees was making statements like the one that you heard, they would NOT be happy.

All of that being said, since it would be extremely hard to beat the deals at Costco, I can recommend the BF Goodrich Advantage T/A tires that they sell in the appropriate size for your car. I used these on my previous Outback, and found them to be excellent in all respects.

It may appear that other shops may be able to match Costco’s price, but when you factor in the road hazard warranty that Costco includes, as well as lifetime rotation & balancing, nobody else can come close on the total cost package. The road hazard warranty includes free repair of punctures, and if the puncture is not repairable, they will replace the tire free-of-charge.

A road hazard warranty at a regular tire shop will add at least $20 to the cost of each tire, but it is included in Costco’s “out the door” price, along with the lifetime balancing and lifetime rotation service.

I too have always had excellent performance from BF Goodys. They’ve always been smooth, quiet, with good all-season traction, at an affordable price. It’s hard to find them in my current size, so I’ve been using Hankooks, which have been working fine, but if BF Goodys were readily available in my current size I’d probablay go back to them. They’re quieter.

Pirelli tires are not “crap”, but they sacrifice tread life for traction. If you are buying winter tires, Michelin X-ICE will have close to twice the tread life of their Pirelli counterparts.

– top priority ?
Sell the tires that we stock FIRST and foremost.
SECOND , special order,
THIRD, send the customer to the competition.

Here at my Ford dealer we’ve found many many pirellis to be very hard to mount to the rim because of the way the beads seem closer together from the factory thatn other brands.
– the tires are as good as any, pick the kid you want.
But if you want any brand that a store does not offer , you may need to wait for an order to be placed.

All stores that don’t sell a particular product you’re looking for will say that product is crp. No matter what the product…it’s always the same. I suspect that Costco doesn’t sell Perelli tires. And a place that sells Perelli tires but doesn’t sell Michelin will tell you Michelin tires are crp. I wonder why???

I have never tried Pirelli tires, but the best tires I have ever had so far are Michelin Primacy MXV4.

Reminds me of when I went into a ‘Pacific HiFi’ store years ago. Salesman told me about how Pioneer was ‘crap’ compared to their store (no-name) brand…

As for Pirelli tires, they’ve made their reputation on higher-performance tires, but also make some fairly ‘regular’ tires. Kind of the opposite of Michelin, who made their name with high quality, long-lived tires, but now make some of the best performance tires out there, too.

I don’t like people posting crude comments. That’s all. So u call Costco. And ask if brand X is any good? Costco sells brand X but salesman “hates” them? Or Costco does not sell brand X and says they are not good and recommends not buying them? You could actually provide more facts to your story which is posted online so many folks see it and perhaps we could make our own valid decision based on your input?

Actually, Edith, if you will bother to read my earlier responses, your questions will be answered.


That’s the great thing about the Internet. U can just ignore the folks who annoy you

Odds are, the guy at Costco is not much of a tire expert at all and is not acting even halfway professional by using that word to a customer.

The equal odds are that somewhere across town some guy at a Pirelli dealer is saying the same thing about Costco tires… :slight_smile: