Tire Question

Good Morning:

I have noticed within the past few days, that I feel like I am going to lose control of my car while on the Interstate highway. This happens typically when I change lanes or navigate curves on the road. This has just occurred in recent days. Would this be a damaged axle? I haven’t hit any curbs or anything like that, so not sure how this has gotten to this point.

You need to have this checked immediately. It could be a low tire, a tire with a bad belt, a broken suspension part, etc. Your car isn’t safe to drive until this is diagnosed and repaired.

Thanks. Knew something major was wrong.

Before you take it to a mechanic, check the pressure on all 4 tires with a tire gauge. It’s difficult to tell visually if a radial tire has low pressure. One or more tires with low pressure could cause the handling problems. It’s possible one of the tires picked up a nail and has a slow leak.

Ed B.