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Tire pressure sensor fault

I bought a used 2011 Ford Escape Ltd. which now has 21000 miles on it. The tire pressure sensor indicated a tire was low (it was), and I filled it. Now I intermittently get a message of “Tire pressure sensor fault.” The dealer checked it when they changed the oil but it’s still coming on, usually when I’m at high speed. It goes off again by itself. Is it important for me to do something?

Unless you’re ready to spend some coin to change out sensors before you need new tires, I’d ignore the light and check tire pressure the old fashioned way. Then, have the sensors checked out when you get the tires replaced. Make sure you get a decent warranty on the work in case you have more TPMS problems after that.

Isn’t this car still under warranty? If so, let the dealer fix it.

I would definitely get this repaired while it’s under warranty, which it should be (3years/36K miles). If you are getting an intermittent TPMS fault, it means that one of the sensors is bad. The dealer should be able to reproduce this. What you don’t want to happen is have it come out of warranty and have to pay the cost (which is over $300 for one sensor at the dealer).

Try resetting the TPMS system first. A reset is usually needed when when tires are rotated or repaired. The procedure should be in the Owner’s manual.

Ed B.

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