Tire pressure question mercedes 190e


I have gotten an ancient and loved 190, but the manufacturers suggested tire pressure seems strange… They suggest that the back tires be inflated at 33 and the front at 29 on a car that is heavy in the front end. This doesn’t seem like a good idea for handling.

Am I missing something?


I wouldn’t be too sure about your car being front heavy (at least when it’s fully loaded), take a look at the little metal plate in the driver’s door jamb for the front and rear GVW. I’m not certain of your W201, but my W123s are a little heavier in the rear. BTW, I run both my front and rear tires about 2 psi over the recommendations, but I do keep the rears a little higher.


Germans are good at knowing how to make a car steer well at highway speeds; they must as they go fast on the autobahns. Use the tire pressure specifications on the label on your door post or door jam of your German car.


Actually, inside the fuel filler door.


Why do you think it is heavy in the front? Yea the engine is there but that does not mean there will be more weight on those wheels. Look at the back, fuel tank and those wheels are closer to the center of the car.

In any case that is not how the set those values. The take the car to a test track an find out what works under emergency conditions. Go with the recommendations.


Thank you very much for your help folks!
I appreciate it.