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1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class - is the tire pressure OK?

The factory recommends air pressure in the tires, front 27psi and back 27 to 33 psi (depends on loading). I replaced all 4 tires 3 weeks ago and BIG O maintained a pressure of 35 psi for all tires. Is this approach wrong?

If you go by the plaque on the drivers door how can you go wrong. Why are you not asking Big o tire why they can’t read the plaque ? Any time I use a tire place for air they always look at the plaque.

Assuming the new tires are the same size, the recommended pressure is still the same.

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Unfortunately not all of them do. I would assume the tech in this instance puts 35 PSI on almost every tire he services.

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Better to have them a little high than low.
However I agree 8lb over is a bit much.
Many techs assume the customer won’t be checking the pressure again for a long time.
And the majority don’t.
Also there’s temperature to consider.
The tires were installed in a garage and it’s winter, so colder outside.
Tire pressure varies 1psi per ~12deg F.

It is wrong. Correct pressure for your car (assuming original wheels and tire size) is on a sticker - usually in the driver’s door jamb.

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