Tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMSC) and Control system for exhaust lights are on after changing tires


I’m new here so I hope I caan get some help here. I was today and changed from summer tires to winter tires. When I was done and started the car, both of Transaction control system (TSC) and Control system for exhaus t lights are on . These started my tires changing.

Have I accidentally make any cable or similar loose. If so, where can I check this?

I have a Skoda Fabia Combi 1.2 from 2007


A TSC light shouldn’t necessarily be interpreted as a problem w/the TCS system. The TCS light may automatically turn on if an exhaust control problem that might affect performance is detected for example. Suggest to ask you shop to work on the exhaust warning light first. Any diagnostic codes? Good idea to take a look at the exhaust pipes from the engine to the tailpipe, make sure nothing has been dislodged from its correct position. It’s possible changing the wheels somehow affected the wheel speed sensing function. Look in your owner’s manual, there may be a re-learn process you have to do whenever changing the wheels.

The chance of anyone on this US based forum even knowing what your vehicle looks like is low.

Your best bet is to search the web for a Skoda forum.

I think that is what we refer to as the check engine light or emissions light. I don’t see how changing the wheels could cause one of these warning lights to illuminate before driving the car.

Check the powertrain control module for fault codes.

Were the lights on immediately on starting the engine or starting to drive ?

Did you change all 4 tires, or just the 2 drive tires ?

I’m wondering if 2 different size tires is affecting speed sensors making the TCS think there’s a spinning/skidding tire because of the different rotational speeds. which would cut power and trigger CEL.

Yes, the light came on immediately.
I canges all 4 tires. Today I tried to change back all four tires to my summer tires and the light is still on. I should mention that there is a big difference of my summar tires and the winter tires. My summer tires really worn out but the winter tires are in good quality.

Toyota and other manufactures turn off Traction Control and ABS if the ECU detects a problem with any of it’s systems. So the Traction Control issue could be a false flag.

It sounds like you have two individual sets of tires, summer and winter sets? If so, the TPMS sensors aren’t moved back and forth between sets. The shop usually has to tell the vehicle’s computer that different tires (really that different sensors) are now installed. It sounds like the shop didn’t do that, or did it wrong.

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You are right. The thing is that I have change these tires twice a year and it hasn’t been an issue before. Why now :cry:

I wonder if a battery in the off-season tires’ sensors expired while in storage?

p.s. is it you swapping the tires or is it done at the shop?

Title of post = Tire Pressure Monitor System + exhaust
Subject of post = Traction Control System + exhaust

Is it tire pressure or traction control ?

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All at the same time? Unlikely. So far we’ve had to replace ONE tire sensor on my wife’s 07 Lexus. I also replaced one on my 2005 4runner before I bought my 14 Highlander. Haven’t replaced one since.

After reading all the responses…I’m confused what the problem is.

Is it Traction Control System or TPMS. OP says Traction Control and TPMS.

It the problem is with the TPMS and not the TCS, @sestivers probably has it right: the TPMS needs to be reprogrammed to recognize the change from one set of sensors to the other.

If the problem is actually with the TCS, it is likely related to whatever is tripping the Check Engine light.

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All at the same time? Unlikely.[/quote]

I didn’t mean all simultaneously. If any one of the four batteries died it would still trip the light. It is one of the things I don’t like about the TPMS system I have, it won’t tell you which sensor has a problem without a single-purpose scanning tool.