Tire Pressure Light Stays On

I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra which I purchased new. Within days of taking ownership the tire pressure warning light came on and and stayed on. This problem has continued to this day and the Toyota dealer can’t seem to fix it. I know that the sensors/transmitters are on all the tires including the spare and I check the pressure and it’s always within spec. For years all they did was reset the light and told me that would fix it, but within days the light comes back on. Most recently they agreed to replace the computer which receives the signals saying that was the problem. But the second time I drove it the light came back. They claim all of the tire sensors/transmitters are fine. I’m tired of dealing with Toyota. Does any one have any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it?

Bring it to the dealership and tell them “We’ve played with this for 4 years now. Fix it this time, or I call corporate and have THEM get it fixed.”

Experiment with tire pressures, all of them at the same time, like five psi more in each just to see.
You may have high pressure sensors with regular tires on it.

I’ve seen that happen at my Ford dealer. The truck left the factory spec’d for LT series 40-50 psi tires then the dealer put on the P series 32 psi tires the customer wanted at the time of sale.

Or vise-versa.

The Ford dealer did what? He took off LT tires and put on P metric tires? Is this man nuts?

Folks, do NOT replace LT metric tires with P metric tires.

The customer’s always right.
Right ?
“I want some of THOSE tires on my new truck.”