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Tire Low pressure warining light

Modesto bee, Saturday, March 29

Question about Tire pressure warning from a person that just got two new tires, now pressure warning light is coming on???

I had a very similar problem two years ago on our 2007 Toyota highlander - getting ready to drive to Las Vegas = backed out of the garage and tire warning light came on. pulled back in, checked all tires, NOTHING wrong??? still made sure by adding 1-2 pounds just to make sure… got the manual out, re-set tire pressure, still NOTHING??? started to drive to Vegas… light was bugging me… pulled over, got out manual and again tired to re-set — LIGHT STILL ON… just drove 500 miles to Vegas with the light on.

Got to motel, got out computer, went to and posted the problem

got a quick suggestion – CHECK THE PRESSUE IN THE SPARE TIRE???


Guess what - the pressure in the spare was down just enough to through the warning light… I would have NEVER thought to check the spare but since the spare ALSO has the sensor in the valve, why not…

Topped off the spare - re-set the light and all was good…

So, might want to let your reader know

Turlock, CA