2008 Toyota Avalon Tire Pressure Monitoring System

We like to get a set of snow tires mounted on their own after market rims with the tire pressure monitoring system, but the Toyota dealer where we purchased the car want to charge us $247.00 to register the sensors to the car. This sounds like what happens in the showers at Sing Sing from time to time. Do you have any suggestions? Tirerack.com was the original site where we intended to buy the wheels, tires and sensors. Additionally, we live in Westchester county, New York.

Tirerack.com has the list of authorized installers. Find one for your area, call them and ask if they can do the job and how much they will charge for it? Chances are it will be much cheaper…

Did that, no can do … Toyota is the only one with the machine (so I am told).

I’ll bet that the Toyoyta dealer’s price includes the wheel end sensors - AND the system only works with official Toyota wheel end sensors.

Do a bit more research before you make a purchase to make sure you have all the the details correct. No sense spending money un-necessarily.

This technology is foreign to me. Any tire pressure monitors I’ve seen simply work off of the ABS system, showing that a low tire is rotating more times as the other three as its circumference is less. If all four wheels and tires were changed on that sort of system they’d all rotate the same.

You could just check your own tire pressures during the four months you’ll be running the snow tires, and save the $247 for when you have your regular tires and wheels remounted in the spring too. Of course an '08 Avalon owner might not have any money left to invest in a tire gauge.

Nope … Toyoyta wants $96/sensor unmounted