Tire help



Help! I came out of work tonight and my left rear tire was super low so I had AAA put on the donut.

I told my car dealer that I would just get new tires but they don’t carry Michelin they only carry Yokohamma now. Are they good tires?

Also they told me that it was ok to drive with two different tire makes one make on the front and one make on the back. Is that correct? Thanks!


You may be able to find a matching tire at a Michelin dealer. You don’t have to buy tires from the car dealer, you can get them anywhere.

That said, there is nothing wrong with Yokohama tires, but whether or not it’s safe to drive with mismatched tires depends on the make and model of your car, which you didn’t specify.


You may not need a new tire. Can’t the leak be fixed? You didn’t say the tire was ruined, just low on air. The problem may not even be the tire.


Ok thanks that was really good advice. I went to Sears and they had my exact tire. I just always call the Toyota dealer and this time that wasn’t the way to go. I had run over a nail and it was so far into the tire that nobody could see it.


You don’t have to buy tires from the dealer…In fact you’d be far better of if you bought them elsewhere. A couple of dealers I know their tires are 2-3 times the price you can buy the same tire elsewhere. My wifes Accord was due for an inspection. The tires passed inspection, but where close. We took it to the dealer because we had a free coupon. They offered to sell my wife new tires for a price of $1100. One month later I bought the EXACT SAME TIRES from BJ’s for UNDER $400.

And Yokohamma tires are EXCELLENT tires. I think they’re a better value then Michelin.