Yokohama Tires

We had our 2004 Honda Accord in for an oil change last week to the dealer and they called to tell us our two back tires needed replacing as they were bald. I knew it was not handling correctly so I said to go ahead and replace them. Got to thinking and remembered that the dealer had replaced all four tires last Sept. I still have the work order for that. Should the tires go bad in only 21,000 miles and since they dis not give us a choice in brands, are Yokohama Tires even any good?

21,000 is very low, make sure they show them to you (may be too late). Yokohamas are OK, should go more than that on the rear. Or have they been rotated? Maybe they wore out while on the front? Bad alignment?

Couple things here.

Do you ROTATE your tires at all? Sounds like you never have. To get maximum life from your tires they should be rotated every 5k miles. If not then 21k would not be unexpected for life expectancy.

Do you check the tires at all…Like tire pressure, tread?? You should do this periodically.

Second… Why are you buying your tires from the dealer? You can probably get the same or better tires from a local tire dealer for half the dealers price.

How often do you check your tire pressure? If you rode around for a year on a half-inflated tire don’t expect it to last long. You didn’t mention which Accord model, so it’s hard to say what you should expect for tire life, but 21,000 is low. Nothing wrong with Yokohama, but it’s not so much the tire brand as the specific model. They make some cheap tires and some good tires, but rest assured all are safe. Have the alignment checked, have the wheels checked for straightness, and check the tire pressure yourself when you get it back from the dealer. You can probably get away with rotation ever 10K of you want, but 5K is better if they want to include it with an oil change.

Next time around maybe try a different tire brand if you don’t like these tires-the dealer should be able to get whatever you want since they order them anyway. I personally have a thing for Michelin tires and think the Pilot Exalto A/S is one of the best tires on the market for regular cars, but that’s just me.

One thing that strikes me odd is how your back tires would wear down first in a FWD vehicle

I use Yokohama’s on my 2002 Sienna. They are not guaranteed once I cross the border into Mexico. That is fair since I wipe at least one a year with road hazards, something that does not happen in the US.

Yokohama’s as a brand overall are fine. However like any brand whether golden Michelin or budget brand they all have a few star models, mostly average models and some real duds. So it all depends on the specific tire make & model.