"Tire Discounters"

I know we generally steer people away from commercial chain places but I simply need to have 2 tires replaced,

I am in a small “college town” and this place has Toyo, which is the tire I want.

Is it safe to take my vehicle there for something as simple as that? I know i’m using “simple” generously here…


The usual issue in a chain store is the way they pressure you into buying services you don’t want or need, in addition to the tires you do want. Be clear in your mind what your needs are, and be clear with them, too. I would listen respectfully when they want to sell you a new muffler, brake rotors, and a transmission flush, but I would buy the tires, get them mounted and balanced and go home.

Thanks, I saw they have a “nitrogen filling” service. Considering the atmosphere is 79% Nitrogen, I think I’m good to go.

Its safe but I think likelyhood of poorer service is much higher at a chain.

I don’t think there is a single tire shop in my town that isn’t a chain.

You must live in a very small town. I live in a town with a population of less then 10,000 and we must have 5 or 10 independent tire shops…Not counting the local gas stations that also sell tires.

I’ve found good local tire places to be the best. Much better service. They don’t try to cheat you. I’ve also found their prices to be very competitive.

The mechanics sell tires, but they just farm it out to the chains and so there’s usually at least some markup from the chain’s price.

Granted some of the chains are small state-wide chains, but other than the junkyard selling used tires there’s no independent source for tires. I think it’s because the only way the shipping is even remotely economical for tires out here is if you’ve got your own semi that does deliveries to multiple locations (or is carrying other stuff in the case of the box stores).

For what it’s worth, I think I get pretty good prices and service from the regional chain I use.

We have a couple of Local tire Chains around here. Mainly just here in NH, Maine and MA. One which I’ve used ONCE (Sullivan tires)…complete sleaze outfit. Young kids (mainly highschool students or dropouts working there…A tire place in Upstate NY (Kost Tire) is pretty good. I use to have good luck at BJ’s wholesales…UNTIL Monro Muffler took over the Tire/Service center…another total sleaze outfit. I now found this place in a town a few miles away that I’ve been using for few years…Small place in a hole-in-the-wall run down building…but good prices…very knowledgeable…and they don’t try to sell me anything I don’t need.

If they have the tire you want, at a price you are willing to pay, then go for it. Installing two tires and seeing what kind of service you get, who works on your car, etc, can be instructive and relatively low risk. Advantage of even small chains is that if you have an issue and are not near the original store, you can get service when needed.

Nitrogen is weaksauce anyway. I use Argon.