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Tire Code Question

I’m looking for new tires for my 2001 Golf, which takes 195/65/R15’s. I am seeing tires online (at Sears, for example) described as ‘195RH15’ and ‘195RT15’. I’ve never seen that format before. Do the ‘RH’ and ‘RT’ describe the aspect ratio of the tire, if so, how?

I checked that size on, and they were all coming up 195/65HR15, 195/65TR15 or some variation. H and T are describing the speed rating, with H = 130MPH and T = 118MPH.

Check on there and see what you can find.

R = Radial H&T are speed ratings. It would be difficult not to find radials today and you will need to check your owner’s manual or a tyre dealer for the speed rating needed for your car. Any good tyre dealer will not sell you a speed rating less than is specified for your car.

Any speed rating will work for you unless you race the car.

You can get better prices at a warehouse club, like Costco, Sam’s, or perhaps even BJ’s. Costco, my preferred place to purchase tires, will be able to beat most retail prices, but they also include mounting, dynamic balancing, a lifetime road hazard warranty, lifetime free rotation, and lifetime free rebalancing. When you take all of these factors into consideration, Costco is cheaper by a significant margin.

Yes, you have to pay a membership fee, but that fee is less than half of the amount that you are likely to save on a set of 4 tires at Costco. Plus, Costco sells batteries (the same as the Sears Diehard, for a lot less money), in addition to all of the other food, automotive, household, and prescription products that they sell at a significant discount to regular retailers.

No, I am not affiliated with Costco in any way. I am just a very satisfied customer of long standing.

I will second VDCdriver opinion on Costco.