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Can i put H speed rated tires on my car, when Costco's system says it supposed to be V rated?

Does it make a big difference? I have a 2005 Subaru Outback XT

Technically, it won’t make a difference unless you drive very fast. Costco is very conservative and if you don’t follow their rules, you may void the warranty.

thank you. i just had an inspection and the guy said my tires are shot. so, i wanted to get new ones today. costco only has the H in stock, so i’d like to just get them instead of special ordering the v

It’s your car, you can do whatever you want.

The speed rating doesn’t just mean how fast you can drive with the tires though. A tire with a higher speed rating is constructed different than one with a lower rating. This also affects the way the tire–and therefore the car–handles. I have had people who “downgraded” to a lower rating tire and then complained that the car didn’t corner as well or swayed more during freeway lane changes.

Costco, or any tire seller, may not want to put a lower rating tire on your car than was recommended by the carmaker.

The shop won’t do it for liability reasons. H rated tires gave been tested to 130mph, V rated tires to 149mph. If they put H rated tires on and you somehow got the car up to 140mph and the tires exploded, your heirs might sue Costco. I know, it sounds stupid, but there are countless stupid policies out there initiated by stupid law suits. People do something dumb, get killed or maimed, and they or their heirs sue everybody that has deep pockets.

it’s the same tire, same size…michelin premier 225/55/17 just the only have h in stock and not v. that shouldn’t make a huge difference, right?

It’s a lawyer thing. They have a huge influence on company policies.
I’ve attached a link for you to see the difference in rating.

I’ve also attached a good link that I think you might find interesting as a primer to tires.
There’s a lot in the link to learn from.

Discount tires replaced my V rated Pirelli P7’s with H rated P6’s .

UPDATE: Costco says they will put on the H rated Michelin Premiers but i have to sign a waiver. Any thoughts on this?

My advice is to sign the waiver, and get those tires at Costco.
When you consider their price and the fact that they include lifetime rotations & rebalancing, along with a long road hazard warranty, you are unlikely to do better elsewhere.

Keep the speed under 149 mph and you should be fine.

Ed B.

At Costco and here telling me I’m CRAZY to put H on instead of V. That my tires won’t last more than 2 years, etc.

They’re telling me I shouldn’t do this. But I am anyway…am I crazy?!

If you have the 4 cylinder engine, I don’t think there is any chance of over taxing the tires. The waiver is just to protect Costco in the event you have an accident that is directly related to the tires being used beyond their capabilities. It should not absolve them of responsibility for an accident that could be caused by their negligence (improper installation) or a tire defect.

All their tires have zero trans fats, zero hydrogenated fats, zero cholesterol and are certified ebola free. Sign the waver and thank them for their concern.

The people working here are giving me looks like I’m risking my life by doing this. I have 2 kids, we only use car on weekends. We drive less than 8k per year. We live in a city.

You’re not crazy. You, like most other drivers out there, simply don’t have expertise in the area of tires. You’re trying to rely on their expertise but they’ve given you cause to question their statement. So you’re checking the facts out. That ain’t crazy. That’s SMART!

H tires should last longer than V tires, manufacturer and other ratings equal. High performance tires use a softer rubber compound, and it wears faster.

Sign the waiver, stay under 130 mph (chuckle), and you’ll be fine.

Well they didn’t put the tires on. They said “it’s the difference between avoiding an accident and having an accident. They tires won’t stop as well” they said it would be unsafe and the tires would only last less than 3 years. Also said an outback is a sensitive car so it would be particularly unsafe!

The people working here are giving me looks like I'm risking my life by doing this.

Keep in mind that people in tire shops often aren’t car people. They needed a job, and the tire shop hired and trained them, which means what they know about tires is what their manager told them… And their manager wants to sell more expensive tires.

That said, while most people would not run into problems by downgrading from V to H, the tire shop does not know you or anything about you. For all they know, you’re a nut who thinks he’s Mario Andretti and drives like a bat out of hell everywhere you go. It’s very plausible that Costco’s legal team has told them not to put on tires that are less than manufacturer specs for liability reasons.

What some people do if they really want to get the “non-recommended” tires and they can’t find a shop to do it, is to take off the wheels and take only the wheels to the shop. Don’t tell them what car the wheels came off of, and tell them “I want a (size) tire with an H rating put on these rims.”

What does the door sticker say? 93V or 95V?