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Tips for winter storage

what do i need to do to winterize 1994 ford

ranger truck parked in garage for winter

Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, fill the tank, remove the battery. That’s it!


As Tester said, that is it.

Someone will be sure to suggest putting it on blocks to prevent flat spots, but the need for that went out with changes in tyre design many years ago.

I will suggest checking into one more thing. You may be able to drop the collusion part of your insurance coverage and that is the most expensive part of your bill. Removing the battery helps in two ways. It will likely keep the battery in good condition (would be nice if you could have a battery tender on it) and it makes it a lot more difficult to steal since few thieves carry an assortment of batteries with them.

Good Luck

Aloso cover the tailpipe and the air intake to keep out critters. Not much more.