Tips for buying used Honda Civic 7th gen

Have anyone ever purchased used Honda Civic before? I know nothing about this area so I really need some advices from you guys. Any opinion is appreciated. I’m in Asheville btw.

What the hell is this generation crap, what year is it. When someone asks you age do you tell them what generation you are? Do you even know?


The seventh generation Honda Civic is an automobile which was produced by Honda from 2000 to 2005. It was released in September 2000 as a 2001 model. Compared to its predecessor, it kept similar exterior dimensions, but increased significantly in interior space thus bumping up Civic to the compact car size segment.

Take the car to an independent mechanic and pay( $100-$150) for a pre purchase inspection. Hondas this age frequently have head gasket leaks, if caught early the engine is solid and can continue to provide good service. Also the timing belt needs changed.

As @PvtPublic says why call it Xgen, tell us what year. Between your two posts the range goes from 2000 to 2011. Lots of differences in a decade +


Seems Corvette reviewers/owner popularized “generations”.

No , you are the first person to ever do this .


Personally, I have not. But rest assured, literally millions of people have.

You’re buying a car that’s 15-20 years old, the same rules apply here that apply to any other used car. 1. With any car this old, the reputation of the particular model is less important of the up keep/condition of the actual example you’re looking at. 2. Get an independent mechanic of your choice to inspect the vehicle you’re considering buying.


An easier way to explain what you’re dealing with rather than having to memorize which model years are the same for every car on the planet.

I have a first-gen Tundra. That’s a lot easier to categorize than “2005 Tundra” because what does 2005 mean - is it after the first redesign or not? Calling it gen-1 clears that up immediately.

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I have no idea of when Tundra’s were made so First gen means absolutely nothing to me.

But 2005 means it’s a 2005, I don’t care if a 2004 or 2006 is the same or not.


Not to me it doesn’t . I also don’t know the first year of the Tundra line .

You do if you’re trying to get parts for it. Want a topper? Shop for one that fits a 1st gen. Then you aren’t eliminating every year that isn’t yours from the ebay listings.

At any rate, the guy’s new here and the very first response he gets is a profanity-laced smackdown based on his use of a very commonly used term. And yet there’s a recent thread elsewhere on here where some bemoan the “loss of vibrancy” to the forum.

Huh. Wonder if they’re related.


Corvette C4__________ from 1984 to 1996 . Now if someone asks for help on a C4 Corvette the year really makes a difference does it not.

And does the OP really know what Generation the Honda Civic is ? Maybe the seller is wrong.

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I bought an 01 accord. Had it for 2 months. Kinda funky. They do acquire a certain odor after 20 yrs. sold it too a Russian guy. He seemed kinda suspicious.

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Of you???

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When Studebaker redesigned their cars in 1953, four door sedans essential used the section from the a,b,and c pillars through the Larks, would that make a 61 Lark the same generation as a 53 Champion?

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This is mainhatle32_174667’s first time on this site asking questions. Those who weren’t familiar with 7th gen Civics decided to beat him up rather than asking for more information.

Is that how we want to treat each other on this site?


Yes, does anyone have something constructive to offer? Seriously, it’s his first trip to the site. C’mon. You can roast each other, but please don’t do this to the new people.

@mainhatle32_174667 you’re looking at this car of this age. Is there a particular car you’re looking at you’re thinking of having checked out? What do you like about it?


As others have suggested it really depends on the condition of the specific cars the buyer is looking at, they’ve been good cars for those i’ve known who have owned one but not everyone takes such good care of their cars. Having a trusted mechanic look over a prospective purchase is still important.

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Cite sources please.

He read it online, you can’t put anything online if it is not true.


Without question!