Tint Removal

Hi all,

i had to remove the tint off of my car windows. luckily the tint film wasnt a big problem for removal, the problem is the glue that is left over on the glass. I managed to remove all of the glue from the side windows using nail polish remover and the razor but i am having doing the same on the back window. Is there anyway i can remove that glue without damaging the de-frost lines? i will grealty appreciate your feedback. thank you all.

I went through the same process, razor blades and all. Try ammonia on the glue. Press a bit of paper toweling on the glue and squirt with ammonia, hoping the paper will stick to the glass and let the ammonia soak in. It’s not a miracle cure but maybe it might make the process easier for you. It’s still time-consuming.

We recently had the tint striped then replaced on our car. The shop doing the work is among the best regarded in town, and they had a disclaimer regarding the defroster lines. So, even the pros cannot guaranty they will not break the defroster lines. I don’t know what the shop uses to disolve the glue but they do use a technique as mentioned by Stevef. Since you’re doing the work yourself, you can likely spend much more time getting the glue disolved than the shop people.