Timming issue

have a 97 ford f150,code reader indicated a bad crank position sensor,replaced same and still get the same code and now engine has devoleped a severe knock,any advise??

Just because there is a code for the crank sensor doesn’t mean the sensor failed. There could be wiring problem, a loose connection or even a defective ECM setting a false code.

Get a diagnostic chart for the code and follow the step by step directions for diagnosing the code. If you don’t have access to a service manual find a shop that can do it for you.

is there a way to reset the ecm and because the engine that I have is an Intrusion engine is there other damage because of the timming issue

Well you can erase the code, but assuming the problem is not corrected, it will just come back. I am sorry that you fell into the common trap that suggest that this or that code means to replace what it is pointing to. It is pointing to the indication of a problem, but not the actual problem. For that you still need human intervention to figure out what may be wrong and to trouble shoot it to find the real problem. Those codes do make the process a lot easier however.

I would not ignore the problem.