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2002 F150 5 speed 4.2 Cam sensor

It started by a minor sputtering while my gf was driving it. It became seriouly worse to where while drving at a steady speed it would jerk badly but if I drove and shifted at a high rate of speed if was fine until I released the gas pedal and symptoms returned. I let it set for a week then drove it and it was fine until I shut the engine down and restarted and the symptoms returned. This scenario has happened twice. Autozone tester reported a bad cam sensor. I replaced it and it did not work. I foolishly asked an online (32$ expert) mechanic who said it was a crank sensor. I changed that too plus put a new fuel filter on it. Before all this began my truck had been performing perfectly it only has 84k miles but my gf said that she had heard a sound like a pulley was squeaking but I never heard a sound.

Do you still have the same fault code? I assume it was a P0340? Can you remove the cam sensor and take a picture of the housing it bolts to?

yes it is a p0340 code It will take a little time to get to it again. Tomorrow I will try to get to it again. Is there a specific view you need? Any ideas of what is wrong?

Often I see the cam synchronizer drive (the part the sensor bolts to) failed. First sign is usually a chirping/squeaking similar to a squeaky belt. Or perhaps the magnet in the original sensor came loose and damaged the synchro drive. Anyway, that’s the next thing I’d look at.

Got it. I will get pics tomorrow and post. Thank you.