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Timing's Everything

My 2006 Sonata has a timing chain with a tensioner rather than a timing belt. The car has about 77,000 miles on it and I’ve done nothing regarding the chain. What symptoms can I look for when the tensioner gets weak and the chain gets sloppy?

I had a 1969 Camaro and all those older cars had timing chains back in the day. When the chain on that car got sloppy, it caused some missing in the engine firing.


You will start to hear a ticking or light rattle from the front cover area. That would be an indication that the tensioner is getting weakened. Some cars you can replace the tensioner without much engine teardkwn at all. Not sure about the Sonata though.

You likely have a long time before you will need a new chain or tensioner.

Simply not to give readers the impression that a worn timing chain on any possible engine that came in a 1969 camaro would cause a misfire I say your diagnosis concerning the misfire on that Camaro was in error. Worn timing chains do not cause misfires. Camshafts that jump timimg because of wear can lead to a no start or reduced power condition but linking a worn chain even if a cam jumped or not to a misfire is a stretch (pun intended). I certainly could see a cam that jumped (or even moved around in valve timing without fully jumping)cause a backfire through the intake but that is not the same as a misfire in the normal context of what a misfire is thought to be.

Others have covered your inital question good enough.