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06 Corolla timing belt?Chain?

I am at times hearing what sounds like a chain sound…I think my timing chain is messing up. There are only 33k on this car…isn’t it a little too soon for this kind of problem? Car runs great, but worried about this…


Your 2006 Corolla has a timing chain

If anybody told you it has a timing belt, they are mistaken

Chain noise on this car is quite common but they never seem to fail. Make sure you use high quality conventional 5W30 motor oil and keep your maintenance schedule.

@Hawki‌, if it is a chain noise, it needs to be taken care of quickly. If a tensioner or chain guide has broken, the chain can loosen and do terrible damage, like jump a tooth, damage the casing, or jump off tracl altogether and destroy the engine. Find a good independent mechanic that specializes in Toyota and get an expert opinion. It could turn out to be something simple.

Forget the low mileage on it. It is 8 year old so it is not too soon for any parts to be replaced.

I think that you need to have an experienced mechanic look at it and listen to it. Anything is possible, but there are lots of things on a car that can make noise and I wouldn’t first assume the timing chain.

Can you perhaps give a different, more descriptive idea of the sound rather than just “chain sound”? Also provide the conditions under which you hear it. At idle? Only while driving? Fast or slow? Uphill or down … etc.

I also have a 1998 Toyota Corolla w/2070 thousand miles on it. I have had work done on it, but it is running like the energizer bunny. I also was told I needed a timing belt. I checked and found out it has a timing chain. Needless to say, I never went back there and it was a AAA garage! My car has never had a replacement of a timing chain.

On what do you base the assumption that it is the timing chain? Can you describe the noise in more detail? Where is it coming from? Many things on a car can make a metallic rattling sound.