1996 Nissan Sentra Timing Chain


This may be a stupid question, but do timing chains need to be changed like timing belts? (when it reaches a certain mileage or is this a “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” scenerio?)


It’s usually not the timing chain itself that wears out, but instead it’s the timing chain guides and tensioners that wear out. Sometimes they make a noise when they’re worn, and sometimes they don’t. I’m a believer that after 100,000 miles, anything can happen to a timing chain, it’s guides, or it’s tensioner.



seen t belts go 150k plus(not recommended)

chains go alot longer(under the correct maint.)if maint missed you could have issues.

only the BIG THREE scam masters have chain problems(thats how they like it,more money.(built as designed)

and old toyota engines 22-R and 22-RE.if memory serves.


OK ny friend I will tell you for certain that you need to change the timing chain tensioners and guides at around 100K.

If the chain slips because of lack off tension your engine is toast!

Happened to my 1997 Nissan which had an interference type engine.

I have a toyota now, change the timing belt every 60K and am happy that it has a noninterference type- - -good if the timing belt breaks.


Generally you will notice an erratic rattling sound if something is bad enough to worry about.
Most chain problems are caused by infrequent oil changes. Fail to clean and lube a motorcycle rear drive chain on a regular basis and see how long it lasts; probably from 5 to 10k miles and the 10 could be a stretch unless it’s an O-ring chain.

And of course I respectfully disagree with the premise that the Big Three make sorry chains. Both myself and my family put a lot of miles on our vehicles and I’ve never had to replace a chain or even need one no matter the mileage.
87 Mercury - 3.0 420k miles on the original chain and the timing light says it was fine before I sold the car.
94 Lincoln - 4.6 DOHC at 224k miles and zero problem. (and this car has a LOT of chain)
88 Chevy - 5.0 300k miles with original chain and zero problems.
96 Chevy - 3.8 240k miles and zero problems.
86 Ford - 5.0 GT chain at 150k miles and it was not needed but simply part of a performance rebuild)

There’s others also; just pointing out the most recent. Maybe we just got lucky and got the good ones.