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i have a 96 sentra with a 1.6

it seems it is out of timing the tensor seems to be loose, will that let it get out of time? what else should i replace other that tensor?? it has 160xxx on it thanks

Does This Engine Have A Timing Chain, Is That What The Tensioner You Are Talking About Is For, The Chain Tensioner ?

Does the car run and drive ?

Did it suddenly quit running ?

Describe how it seems to be out of time ?

What tensioner is loose ?

Have you diassembled anything ?

More information is needed. Your story is too short. Fill us in, please.


no like its running over it’s self, the chain tensor was stuck w/ no tension on chain we got it free’d up where’s there tension now. we are needing to know how to line up all marks? the story go’s they shut off the car after driving home went to it later and it would’nt start, we pulld valve cover chain real loose now there tite again

Why Not Buy A Chilton Or Hayne’s Repair Manual (From An Auto Parts Store) That Covers This Model Or Try Your Public Library For A Reference Book Manual. The Good Folks There Will Usually Sell You Copies Of A Couple Pages.

If that is an interference design engine then it could have suffered damage if it did indeed jump time. An interference engine can’t have the crankshaft “free-wheel” out of time with the valve train because the pistons can collide with the valves and bend them.

I don’t know if you’ve got an interference engine or not.

I wouldn’t trust that tensioner any more. The chain and sprockets may be damaged, too. An inspection is necessary.


ok i understand that we wantd to check to see if anything else mite be damaged or if it ran 1st to see if it was worth fixing, its a good car if motor was bad we were going scrape it