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Timing tensioner

one of 2 timing tensioners broke while driving 2002 Daewoo leganza. If I replace will that fix it or are there other likely problems that resulted from the timing belt coming loose because of the broken tensioner. thanks

Can you reasearch if your engine is a interference engine? Or have you performed the simple task of rotating the crankshaft (checking for interference) Will fixing the car yourself be a problem? will getting a manual for your car be a problem?

According to the Gates website the engine in the Leganza is an “interference” engine, meaning the pistons and valves collide if the timing belt breaks or a tensioner fails.

This usually results in internal damage such as bent valves or worse.

I would not assume that a new timing belt is all you need.

Good luck.

Well I have both manifolds either loose or off, timing cover off and am ready to pull the head if that’s necessary which it seems will be necessary. The car’s not worth much so I’ve got nothing to lose if I can’t get it back together. I have the manual but not the tools to do the valve job if that is what’s needed. Can I take the head to a shop and have the work done there and then put it back together myself. thanks

what’s worse than bent valve stems?

  • Holed pistons…

Yep, that’s worse. So are bent connecting rods, although that’s really “worst case scenario.”