Timing or carb


i have a 1987 cj7 jeep.has a strait 6 cyl,5 speed.my friend the shop repairman said the carb needs to be rebuilt.when i drive it i have to pull the choke out a little and it runs fine.i told him the timing off.so,my ? is whos right?


What does the choke have to do with the timing?

If pulling the choke out a little makes it run right, that means the mixture is too lean and/or the idle is too low. This means the carb almost certainly at leasts needs a cleaning and adjustment and quite possibly a rebuild.


Why do you think the timing is off. It sounds to me like the carb.


I am curious. You have a manual CHOKE on a 1987 Jeep?


Consider adding a can of sea foam to 8 gallion gas and driving it out, Seafoam is a great cleaning product I found it at wally world now too. Colud be varnish in the carb i’d try the $7.00 can first.


Do you have a timing light? If not, can you borrow one? If this shop repairman is your friend, ask him to adjust the timing to specs (takes all of 2 minutes) and it’s really easy to do. VOILA! Still running funny? Try adjusting the idle up a half a screw turn. Try the Seafoam too, Shadetree is dead on with this one. Last thing I’d do would be to rebuild the carb. Eliminate the other possibilities first. Rocketman


First check to see if the intake manifold is not falling off (bolts/studs loose) as this is VERY common with these Rambler engines…This usually destroys the idle too…This is probably a computer controlled “feedback” carburetor and they can be nightmares to rebuild properly…