Need a Carb expert

My 1987 Accord runs very rough in the morning. It Idles around 1000 RPM and chugs out a lot of gray-white smoke. Of course it runs smoothly once it starts to warm up. Could my choke mechanism be a little bit stuck? Vacuum leak? Both? Or is this just the way a 20 year old car is going to behave whether or not I like it? Thanks in advance.

Check the choke pull-off diaphragm. This is a small vacuum pod that is designed to pop open the choke flap a small amount upon startup. It’s a common fault with many aged carburetors.

The choke flap itself should also be inspected to verify that is is moving freely on the shaft and not hanging up.
Chances are your problem is the former but neither is a major repair at all.
You do not need a carb overhaul or a new carburetor; just the vacuum pod.
(Just in case someone tells you otherwise.)

Thanks, that’s exactly what i was looking for :takes notes:

Carb o/h would cost a lot of $$$$. That’s strictly a last resort (i.e. if the car starts to run poorly in general). It will be difficult trying to find a mechanic to even look at it.

But anyway this should steer me in the right direction.

Here’s what the little beggar looks like.

Couple of screws, linkage rod connection, verify the choke flap breaks open about an 1/8" when started, and you’re done.