Timing on interference engines



I have a Ford Taurus Sho and the gear on the cam has came loose and spinning I had heard that this could cause the values and pistons to hit, bending and possible breaking them. I want to know if anyone had any info on this and if it happens all the time. And if I can tell without taking the engine apart.


It would help to know the year and which engine you have; the 6 or the 8 cylinder.

From memory, I think the 6s are non-interference and the 8s ARE interference. It seems the 8s also had a problem with cam sprockets coming loos due to the method of attachment - swagging - which basically means crunched together.

The easiest method to determine engine damage is to remove a valve cover or two. Cylinders with bent intake valves will generally have a very loose valve lash, or adjustment.
With both valves closed on a particular cylinder, compressed air can be applied to the cylinder, or cylinders, in question. If air hisses back out the intake, you’re toast on the top end anyway.


the engine is the 8 and it is an interference


the car is a 97 sho v8 and I am wondering if it is worth fixing or if I should just sell it as is.


It’s going to cost you thousands to fix it, if you’re lucky the book value of the car is $2000. NOT worth it IMHO.