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Timing belt broke in 2000 Toyota Camry

timing beltbroke. Mechanic turning pulley to set up timing belt and engine will not turn full 360 degrees. what is wrong

When a timing belt breaks it causes catastrophic engine damage . Did your mechanic not explain this to you ?
Most likely you need a new engine or at least a used one. On a 19 year old vehicle I doubt if the expense is worth it.

this is a non-interferance engine which is suppose not to get damaged

This isn’t an interference engine. Usually that means damage doesn’t occur if the belt breaks. Usually, not always. In your case I’d say the broken belt damaged your engine. Agree with @VOLVO_V70, probably not worth fixing on a 19 year old car.

any ideas on exactly what could be internally damaged?

You will just have to pay the mechanic to open it up to see what is damaged . Then you decide if the cost is what you want to spend.


Exactly, no, likely bent valves and maybe a hole in a piston

It is also possible that something like dropping a valve or a broken rod seized your engine and broke the belt. Did this engine stop on the road or were you just having a timing belt replaced


Is the engine out of motor oil?


I concur, the 2.2L 5s-fe engine appears to be a freewheeler (non-interference) design. hmmm . so what’s the problem? …

I guess the first step is to make sure there isn’t something else besides engine internals preventing the crankshaft from turning, like an accessory or the transmission. Generally when replacing the timing belt the spark plugs are removed & everything else on the crankshaft pulley path is already isolated, and only the crankshaft and camshaft pulleys and maybe tensioners are involved during the timing belt install. There’s always the other end of the crankshaft where it meets up w/the transmission. Make sure the trans in is neutral of course. Maybe pulling the starter and taking a peek at the flywheel while trying to manually turn the engine is worth doing. Seems unlikely, but poking a wooden dowel into the spark plug holes one by one and watching what happens when turning the crankshaft might provide a clue.

In some engines classified as non-interference, while the pistons can’t interfere with the valves normally, the valves can interfere w/each other. Maybe something like that happened and has bent a valve to the point it is now interfering w/the piston. Not everyone agrees if an engine is interference or not also. AllData says the Toyota 4afe is interference, but Gates says it is non-interference. Engine is being manually turned in the correct direction, right?

If after all that, no explanation, I don’t see any alternative is left than removing the cylinder head. Or just replacing the engine.

bring back timing chain.